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Vocal mixing and mastering

Mixing and mastering is one of the most important aspects of creating music. Let a professional sound engineer mix and master your (vocal) tracks, so that they are ready for distribution on all platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and YouTube. Click the button bellow if you want to read more information or listen to some demo’s mixed and mastered by mplp-beats.

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Mixing and mastering

The best sound quality possible.

Custom beats

A beat made exclusively for you.

Mixing and mastering

Full websites starting from $250.

About me

You were born an original, don’t die a copy

Welcome to MPLP-Beats, the music revolution in 2022. The whole life MPLP was working something with music like breakdance, karaoke or chors. Growing up in american clubs, Hiphop, Rap & Reggaeton had a positive influence on me. 15 years of club dj gives me a lot of inspiration for making club beats nowadays. But MPLP is your beatmaker for all kind of beats to help all musicians to grow up as well as possible. Also if you have finished songs, MPLP helps you to make it a hit with promotion tutorials or an important mastering for your sound. With MPLP you are at the right place, so don't forget to subscribe or to contact me.

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Are the beats still tagged after buying?

No, all purchases are untagged.

Can I pay without a PayPal account?

Yes, payments with IBAN, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Western Union are accepted. Please send an email to [email protected] if you need any help.

When will I receive the beat files?

All downloadlinks are instantly delivered to the mailbox you used to complete the payment. Be sure to check your spam folder as well.

Will I own the instrumental after buying?

No. MPLP-Beats will still own the rights after purchasing a lease license in the beat store.

What are WAV trackout files?

WAV trackouts are seperate audio files of each element of the beat. This way, you or your audio engineer will have more control over editing, mixing and mastering.

Will I own the instrumental after buying?

Simply use the searchbar in the top of the beat store to search for beatnames. If the beat is not in the beatstore, it’s sold exclusively. This means that it is no longer available.

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